Is Sonic faster than Yoshi

Updated: 4/13/2024
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sonic is WAY faster than Yoshi is.

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Q: Is Sonic faster than Yoshi
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How fast can Yoshi go?

Faster than Mario. Faster than Luigi. Faster than Peach. Faster than Daisy. But not as fast as Sonic.

Is Sonic faster than super Sonic?

No, super Sonic is faster.

Is sonic faster then a car?

sonic is faster than a car

Is sonic faster than silver?

yes sonic is faster than silver in sonic 2006 sonic is way faster than silver giving sonic an advantage

Is sonic faster than Amy?

Yes indeed Sonic is faster than Amy because SONIC IS THE FASTEST THING "ALIVE" !

Who is faster sonic or tails?

sonic is faster than tails by a long shot

Is Shadow Faster Than Sonic?

Sonic is faster than shadow because shadow basically cheats. He doesn't run, he skates and has rocket shoes. Sonic just runs, with no tricks.

Is sonic faster than blossom?

If you mean power-puff girls vs sonic, I don't remember them ever going faster than an airplane. Therefor, sonic is faster.

Is Sonic the Hedgehog faster than a cheetah?

Yes, he's faster than a cheetah. You can when you watch Sonic X!

Is sonic faster than Goku?

Way faster

Is sonic faster than hulk?

super sonic yes normal sonic no.

Is sonic fast in ssbb?

Yes. Sonic is very fast!(Yoshi can actually race sonic and tie if they started at the same time, sonic walking, Yoshi dashing!)