Is RuneScape better than aqw

Updated: 4/28/2022
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positive of aqw:

1. creative wep, armor, hairstyle cape....they are just cool.

2. the animated looks much clearer than 3d runescape

3. there are always up coming events and quest for you to do.

4. party up, team up, fight as a team.

5. cut scenes are funny.

6. you get ur own house and privacy

7. have different classes.(e.g worrior, rogue, ninja, healer)

8. large amount of costumes.

9. you can make friends and send messages to them when they log into the game and you don't have to go everywhere doing for him/her.

10:you can chat. You can also whisper when the other person is distance away from you. can use "goto"

12. there are 600+ weapons, new weapons get released in events and the suggestion shop.

negative: lag sometimes(when it updates)

hard to level up.

positive of runescape: get costumes(only in the begging of the game and you cant change it but can cover it with plate)

2.there are 16 groups of weapon, each group has 6-9 types of that weapon. can chat can trade get skills

negative: because the 3d graphic in gameplay isn't that good, you cant even see your face properly during gameplay.You can't team up.Adding a friend is hard.walking from one town/city to another with slow speed.

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Q: Is RuneScape better than aqw
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