Is RuneScape a bad game

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Runescape is a role playing quest game. Depending on your experience it can be actually quite fun. I used to have 5 accounts

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Q: Is RuneScape a bad game
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Is RuneScape a vrius?

RuneScape is a game.

What is a good popular game if you like RuneScape?

If you like RuneScape, then you will find RuneScape a good and popular game.

What game is better adventurequest or runescape?


Is runescape good or bad?

it's bad

Is there a game very similar to RuneScape?

If you like RuneScape, why not just play RuneScape?

What are cheats on RuneScape?

There are no cheats on Runescape. It is a "cheat free" game.

What are some cheats on RuneScape?

there are no cheats on runescape, its a multiplayer game.

Who made RuneScape the online game?

Runescape was made by Jagex.

Is RuneScape have anything to do with an occult?

Runescape is an online game, for you to have fun.

Is the game RuneScape bad for your computer?

Not at all as long as you have Java script already downloaded. There could be more, it slowed down my computer.

Is there a Star Wars game by the creator of RuneScape?

Theirs no star wars game made by the creators of runescape.

Why is runescape so bad?

It's just bad I hate it