Is Rotom legendary in Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Rotum is not a legendary, and can be found at night in the Old Chateau.

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Q: Is Rotom legendary in Pokemon
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Who is the legendary in the Pokemon mansion?


You mean Rotom is a legendary like Palkia and the others?

Rotom is not a legendary. It only counts as a rare pokemon.

Is there a Legendary Pokemon In The Pokemon Mansion Pokemon Pearl?

No, but there is a Rotom in the TV.

Is Rotom a legedary Pokemon?

Yes,I have this Pokedex book,it said Rotom was in the legendary section.

Is rotom a legenday Pokemon?

yes, it is indeed a legendary pokemon. if their is only one in the game, it means its a legendary.

What Pokemon do you put with heatran to get an egg in the daycare center?

You can't breed legendary Pokemon, except for Rotom. ACTUALLY, Rotom isn't an official Legendary Pokemon. It's just rare. AND you can breed Manaphy with Ditto to get the legendary Pokemon Phione. Ha.

Can the legendary Pokemon Rotom breed in Pokemon Platinum?

All PokemonExpect Legendary's Can Breed. actually if you have a ditto you can breed and any move that your old rotom knew the newly hatched will

Who is the weakest legendary Pokemon?

That depends whether you consider Rotom a legendary. If you do then Rotom is the weakest, if not then it's Phione. This is judged on total base stats.

What is the chateau in Pokemon Pearl?

The Old Chateau is where you find the Legendary Pokemon Rotom

What legendary Pokemon do you catch at old chateau?

You can catch Rotom.

Is rotom a legendary?

Rotom is a weird Pokemon. In the Ultimate handbook it says it is but in the updated version it says its not. I think it is though.

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