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Considering how much she helps Mario in the first Super Mario Galaxy game, and congratulates him on getting all the stars in the second, no, she most certainly isn't on Bowser's side. She isn't portrayed as a villain; in contrast, she's portrayed as a protagonist.

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Q: Is Rosalina on Bowser's side in Mario?
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Who is Rosalina?

Mario mario x rosalina fan

Why does rosalina love Mario?

Rosalina doesn't love Mario she loves waluigi

How do you unlock baby rosalina on Mario Kart?

there is no baby rosalina in Mario kart.

Can you play as Rosalina in Mario Kart 7?

No Rosalina doesn't. But the stars are like her kids... kinda

Why does rosalina have a star in Mario Kart?

In super Mario galaxy (where Rosalina comes from) Rosalina looks after the stars (Lumas). So a luma revolves around her in Mario kart wii.

What do you do in bowsers castle as Mario and luigi in Mario and luigi bowsers inside story?

You can get Beans, and an SP: Magic Window.

What are the stats of Rosalina in Mario Sports Mix?

Rosalina isn't even in Mario Sports Mix

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How many stars can you get on rosalina in super Mario kart?

Rosalina is not in Super Mario Kart. She is in Mario Kart Wii.