Is Rockhopper real on Club Penguin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Rockhopper is not a real person oh sorry i mean penguin. Ok so if u r a true Club Penguin fan, then u should know that club penguin's founder "Billybob" or lance Armstrong (that's his real name) is rockhopper! i know it sounds shokin but its the truth! seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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Q: Is Rockhopper real on Club Penguin?
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Is rockhopper a bunny?

No, Rockhopper in Club Penguin, and in the real world is a penguin.

Is Rockhopper real?

Yes but he is a club penguin staff member

Is rockhopper real on clubpenguin?

Rockhopper is a character on Club Penguin. When the ship named "Migrator" lands next to the lighthouse, Rockhopper is on it.

How long does a rockhopper celebration last on club penguin?

the real answer is 19thjuly2039

Rockhopper password on Club Penguin?


When was rockhopper last on Club Penguin?

Rockhopper was last on club penguin at the Holiday Party 2012.

What colour is rockhopper Club Penguin?

Rockhopper is red

What is capitan rocket hoppers username on club penguin?

You mean "What is captain Rockhopper's username on club penguin?". The username of Captain Rockhopper is Rockhopper.

How do you get the rockhopper background in Club Penguin?

For this you have to meet Rockhopper on club penguin. When you do so, click Rockhopper's player card and click the box. You will get his background.

Who was rockhopper in Club Penguin?

Rockhopper is one of club penguin's 'celebrities'. He was one of the first, along with Aunt Arctic and the Penguin Band.

In Club Penguin where is Rockhopper's Migrator?

Rockhopper's Migrator is at the Beach, though unless Rockhopper isn't visiting Club Penguin, you won't be able to see Rockhopper's Migrator.

Who is Club Penguin famous pirate red penguin penguin in Club Penguin?