Is Rockhopper on Club Penguin cool?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I have never met Rockhopper myself, but some of my friends have and they say he is very cool.

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Q: Is Rockhopper on Club Penguin cool?
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When was rockhopper last on Club Penguin?

Rockhopper was last on club penguin at the Holiday Party 2012.

Rockhopper password on Club Penguin?


Is rockhopper a bunny?

No, Rockhopper in Club Penguin, and in the real world is a penguin.

What is capitan rocket hoppers username on club penguin?

You mean "What is captain Rockhopper's username on club penguin?". The username of Captain Rockhopper is Rockhopper.

How do you get the rockhopper background in Club Penguin?

For this you have to meet Rockhopper on club penguin. When you do so, click Rockhopper's player card and click the box. You will get his background.

What colour is rockhopper Club Penguin?

Rockhopper is red

In Club Penguin where is Rockhopper's Migrator?

Rockhopper's Migrator is at the Beach, though unless Rockhopper isn't visiting Club Penguin, you won't be able to see Rockhopper's Migrator.

Who was rockhopper in Club Penguin?

Rockhopper is one of club penguin's 'celebrities'. He was one of the first, along with Aunt Arctic and the Penguin Band.

Who is Club Penguin famous pirate red penguin penguin in Club Penguin?


Were is mirgator on Club Penguin?

The migrator always stays with Rockhopper, whether he is on Rockhopper island or on the club penguin island. Currently (April 2013), the migrator is with Rockhopper on Rockhopper island, but when he'll come to club penguin, he'll be sailing on his migrator.

Where is Rockhopper's hat in Club Penguin?

Even though Rockhopper does have a hat, it is not buy able for users of Club Penguin and therefore the only answer given is that Rockhopper's hat is on Rockhopper's head.

What is rockhopper password Club Penguin?

Rockhopper's password is rockhopper. Trust me i have been on it.