Is Roblox good old

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Roblox was made in 2005, yeah it's pretty good.

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Q: Is Roblox good old
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What are good games for 10 years old boy?


How Do you Get Old Roblox?

You can get 'old ROBLOX' by downloading the 'Roblox Old Texture Pack Hq'

Who was old roblox?

"Old Roblox", doesn't refer to a person, it refers to a thing or idea. Usually, when players on Roblox talk about "the old Roblox", they are nostalgically referring to what Roblox was like when they joined. Roblox used to have less players, and therefore a smaller and nicer community. This is usually what people mean when they refer to "the old Roblox".

Is there another online game as good as roblox?

Blockland , but you have to pay $20 every month. I suggest you to stay in ROBLOX but if your getting old for it try Habbo. Teenagers play it and its free.

do you like the old roblox or the roblox new?


What is a good program to use to build a good place on roblox?

You can build places on Roblox by using the Roblox studio or by building in game. To access the Roblox Studio click your computer's start menu, then programs, then Roblox, and finally Roblox studio. Then click "file" > "New place" to build a Roblox place.

What are good ROBLOX war clan names?

Roblox Assault Recon

Which is better Roblox or Blockland?

Roblox is better for me. roblox for me. blocklands graphics are good 2 though BUT ROBLOX DEFINETELY BETTER but not better graphics

Should I get Roblox or Maplestory?

Roblox. more fun and more better. more good graphics. you can play a lot of games in roblox. I suggest Roblox.

Who is the old Roblox?

The Old Roblox is not someone, but a time period. It was the time before a lot of major updates came out. Some people tend to like it better than the "New Roblox".

How do you put models in roblox using roblox studio 2.0?

Same as the old one

Who old is roblox?

it was made in 2004