Is Pokemon quartz a good game?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is Pokemon quartz a good game?
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What are some good game shark codes for Pokemon quartz?

As Pokemon Quartz is a hack of Pokemon Ruby, I'd imagine Quartz would use the same codes as Ruby.

When is Pokemon Quartz coming out?

Pokemon Quartz is not a real Pokemon game.

About Pokemon quartz?

a Good Game with a Few Foul words, and a Pretty good Story

Can you get all starters in Pokemon quartz?

you are all idiots for trying to see an answer Pokemon quartz is NOT a real game

How do you hack a new Pokemon game like someone hacked Quartz Version?

quartz version is illegal and i have no idea how to hack a new Pokemon game

Is there a Pokemon quartz game?

yes but is not made by the Pokemon company and is hard to find

Where is the move deleter on Pokemon quartz?

Ouch! You got Ripped off! Pokemon Quartz is a fake game, and although playable, it won't be as good as the real ones and can't interact with them either but considering it is based upon Ruby and Sapphire, it should be in Lilycove City (Next to the mart) or the Quartz equivalent which i have no idea of, although quartz does have a interesting range of Pokemon and its own Pokemon cool! Shame there not real :\

How can you get to the Pokemon tower in Pokemon quartz?

This is a hacked game, so this is not a valid answer/question. Sorry!

Are Pokemon hacks legal as in making a new version of the game as in Pokemon Quartz?

Pokemon hacks are legal. it is site hacking which would be "illegal" Pokemon Quartz is a hacked game. Yes they are legal and if you are planning on making a game to put on the internet, then you need to know the Format and Game Codes before you do so

Who created Pokemon quartz?

Pokemon quartz is a hacked Game made by HACKERS CO. a,a Pokemon game hacker company.Here are all the fake games. 1.Pokemon quartz 2.Pokemon chaos black 3.Pokemon naranja 4.Pokemon zircon 5.Pokemon pearl(Hacked) 6.Pokemon diamond(Hacked) 7.Pokemon coral 8.Pokemon jade 9.Pokemon 1337 edition(The wierdest game of them all) 10.Pokemon pocket monsters 2002

What are the legendary Pokemon on Pokemon quartz?


Where do you get Pokemon quartz?

You can buy Pokemon Quartz on Ebay. BUT, DON'T BUY IT! IT'S ILLEGAL! my friend has the game he got it on eBay for cheap eBay is your best chance i don't have one eBay is not working for me im going to get a change in account so GOOD LUCK!