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Pokemon Firgo Returns is a hacked version of Pokemon Ruby and Saphire. It is not part of the official Pokemon line of Game Boy Advance games.

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Q: Is Pokemon frigo returns a fake or real?
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How do you get into mount chimney in Pokemon frigo returns?

you cant theres a glitch with it. you need the walk through walls cheat on a gameshark for it to work. -------------------------------------------------------------------- And, oh yeah, its a Fake Game! are you to poor to buy a real one?

Can you trade Pokemon with a fake ds game with a real one or can you trade international with fake Pokemon diamond game ds?

DON'T. DO. THIS. Trading pokemon between real and fake games will usually destroy both the real and fake game's save files. I REPEAT DON'T DO IT. I lost my Pokemon Pearl and my fake Pokemon Diamond because of this :(

Is Pokemon oval real?

Pokemon oval, i think its fake but it might be the fake name of Pokemon platinimun if you are worndering what it is its a glitch free vertion of Pokemon pearl and dimond its real name is Pokemon platinmun and yes its real

How do you make a Pokemon it is real?

Well you can't make a real Pokemon apear. There fake is why.

How do you get Pokemon acanthite?

It isn't real it a fake

Is Pokemon pearl a fake in PC?

no it is real....

Can you transfer Pokemon from a fake game to a real one on the ds or on the GBA?

If the game is fake you can't trade pokemon.

How do you tell a fake Pokemon event from a real one?

If it was a real Pokemon event it would be mentioned in

Pokemon-serebii a real Pokemon card?

No, People Tricked You, Its A Fake

Is Pokemon obsidian real?

Nope it's fake

Is the Pokemon raptail real?

Raptail is a fake Pokemon created by fans. Creating fake Pokemon is a popular hobby and pastime for young digital artists who are fans of Pokemon.

Is a Pokemon card with a gold writing rare or fake?

If it is light on the back its is fake if it is dark its real.