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As a person who has played with pokemon cards, stuffies, toys, games, and even wached the seires, I can say that pokemon can be really awsome for kids and even teenagers (with the release of Pokemon GO a few years ago). The pokemon seires teaches kids about companionship with friends and animals. Since Pokemon look similar to actual animals it can teach children to treat animals like friends. The pokemon games can be a great distraction and time killer for kids, the pokemon games are on the Nintendo DS, 2DS, 3DS, the Nintendo Switch, and Gameboy. Pokemon Go is another pokemon game but it is on your phones and tablets. Pokemon Go is not an offline game so you will need data or internet in order to play. It's a great game to play by yourself, with a group of friends, and with your family. I do play Pokemon Go, my family and I play it togther and have since about a year after it came out. I think the only downsides I have come across with pokemon is the Pokemon cards, they are fun to have and use but can cause problems. Pokemon cards are to collect, play, and trade. The problem comes with the trading. Kid A will have a card kid B wants, so they trade, but kid B wants the card he traded to kid A back a couple days later. Kid A has already traded the card he got from kid B to kid C. That senario has often happend to me and usually I was either kid A or kid C but I have been kid B before. This can cause big problems but there is also a chance that this might happen: kid A is jealous of kid B's new rare and special card, so kid A tries to trade with them but kid B doesn't want to trade. Now this either goes one of two ways. Kid A steals the card from kid B or kid A destroys kid B's card. I believe a way to stop or at least pause the problems with the cards is to either be there with your kid when they want to trade with another and make sure that both parties understand that the trade is final and that if one doesn't want to trade a card then that's that and they can't do anyhting about it. All in all I think pokemon is great. Here's a little fun fact: The direct translation for Pokemon is Poket Monsters! and if you know about Digemon its direct translation is Digital Monsters!

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Pokemon is Ok, but something you dont want to get addicted to. Pokemon is "Pocket Demons" , and they are made, to get money. People might say that it is good. It is created for entertainment and money.

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Pokemon is not "Pocket Demons" it's Pocket Monsters, please don't post falsehoods.

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Q: Is Pokemon a good toy for children to play with?
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