Is PS3 live free

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. Well i think.

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Q: Is PS3 live free
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Did you can play live PS3 games in PS3 network on PS3 free?


Do you get free live from xbox 360?

No but on PS3 U do

Does the PS3 come with free live?

No the PlayStation 3 comes with Free PlayStation Network. Live is for the Xbox 360 and is not free.

Does the original Xbox have free live now?

Nope, but a ps3 has free online play!

Do you have to pay for PS3 live?

No the Playstation Network (PSN) is Free. There is no PS3 Live. "Live" is what Xbox 360 calls it's online network and it does have a charge unlike the PSN.

Can you play on ps3 live for free?

yes you can but you only have to sign up for it then you can

Why can't red dead redemption be multiplayer for ps3 as well as xbox live?

red dead redemption is multiplayer for ps3 and it is free

Is it free to update your ps3 system software?

Yes it is free you only pay for the internet broadband you use like evry time you go on the internet. This is why the ps3 rules because psn is free where as xbox live is not!!!

How much is live for call of duty 4 for ps3?

PlayStation network does not have live that is Xbox term and PSN is free

What are the differences between Xbox and PS3?

Xbox is paid live, as the PS3 is free online. Both consoles have exclusive games. Xbox has DVD's, PS3 has blu-ray disks.

Will live cost money for ps3?

No PS3 does not have Live they have the free Playstation Network and for the cost of Live you can purchase Playstation Plus that provides members with free games and reduced download prices. You do not need to join Playstation Plus to play on the internet or use any of the Playstation Network features

Is there anything like xbox live for PS3?

yeah, it's called PLAYSTATION NETWORK.Only it is free and available for every PS3 user with an online connection