Is Kinzville Park having problems

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no it is just fine. maybe you computer is just slow

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Q: Is Kinzville Park having problems
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Where is the Kinzville Park in Webkinz?

The Kinzville Park was introduced into Webkinz world on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009.To get to Kinzville Park log into WW, click on "Things to Do" and Kinzville Park is the last item under "Fun and Games".Kinzville Park is often closed as Ganz tries to fix problems. As of Nov 9 KP has only been open twice.You can learn more about KP on the Webkinz Insider Wiki:

Why is the cow in webkinz never in the kinzville park?

The cow in Webkinz is never in the Kinzville Park because no one with a cow went to the Kinzville Park. Maybe a cow HAS been there and you missed it.

When will the kinzville park open?

It IS open.

When does mr moo come to kinzville park on webkinz?

Mr. Moo Comes to kinzville park every day at 12 o'clock noon

On Webkinz inside Kinzville Park how do you add a friend?

I'm very sorry to say that you can't add people on your friends list at the Kinzville Park. If you go to the Clubhouse you can, though.

How do you move at the Webkinz kinzville park?

Click on a place to walk there.

What is kinzville park?

On Webkinz you click on the kinzville park icon and it will take you to a park but it takes awhile to load. In the park you can play on the play ground and play some games by the pond. And finally every 3-7 you can pick up trash and earn prizes

When is the garbage in kinzville park in webkinz?

It's one of the recycling bins at the park.

How do you get into kinzville park on Webkinz?

You obiessly cant its still being built by ganz

When is Mr. Moo at the Kinzville park?

Mr. Moo comes once every while to the Kinzville park for an hour. His appearances cannot be predicted, but you can check the last post of the thread linked below. It frequently updates to notify users if Mr. Moo is currently at the park.

How do you move in the kinzville park?

As if you were in your knz house (click the square you want your webkinz to go to).

Why can't you pick up trash in kinzville park on webkinz?

It wasn't programmed that way.