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John Doe is an account owned by Roblox.

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2013-10-07 01:01:27
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Q: Is John Doe the real first person on roblox?
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Was John Henry a real person?

I think John Henry is a real person because semse like he is real.

Who is john does in rob-lox?

john doe is a Roblox legend that sends Roblox users AKA Robloxians random numbers and letters on March 18 every year for a sign to be the next banned user. He was made originally by the Roblox company to test the game in 2004. No one knows if John Doe was made by Roblox to scare people or if he is real. If you search him on Roblox you can see his user, but nothing on it. There will be a different message on every platform Roblox is on.

Is John Henry real?

John Henry is a real person just like you and me!

How do you become admin on roblox?

First off, administrators are adults that work for pay at Roblox headquarters. These are real jobs, not virtual jobs. You must apply for a job at Roblox, as well as be accepted.

What is roblox real phone number?

Roblox does not have a phone number.

Was John Rambo based on a real person?

The only person John Rambo is Based ON is John rambo But to answer Your question he is a fictional character (that means he is not real).

Who is ROBLOX in roblox in real life?

David Big Bones

Is the roblox survey real or fake?

it is real

What is roblox name in real life?

He is real roblox,And his name is Join cena lol

Is John Quincy Archibald a real person?

No the character John Quincy Archibald from the film John Q is not based on a real person. The film is completely fictitious.

Who makes Roblox?

Builderman, whos real name is david, or ROBLOX

Is john smith a real person?

If you are talking about back around 1706, with Jamestown, Virginia and with the Mayflower; then yes, John Smith is a real person.

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