Is Jimmy sturr married

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No Jimmy Sturr is not married.

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Q: Is Jimmy sturr married
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Does Jimmy Sturr have any children?

no when would he have time

What nationality is Jimmy Sturr?

Jimmy Sturr is Irish.

When was Jimmy Sturr born?

Jimmy Sturr was born on 1941-09-25.

Is jimmy sturr gay?


When was Top of the World - Jimmy Sturr album - created?

Top of the World - Jimmy Sturr album - was created in 2002.

How did Gennarose get a job with Jimmy Sturr's Orchestra?

She got a job with the Jimmy Sturr Orchestra after meeting her ex-husband Keith Slattery (Jimmy's pianist) and guest-singing with them. Jimmy then asked her to be a permanent fixture on tour.

Where is Jenna Rose from the jimmy sturr show?

Hiding in NYC

Has gennarose left the jimmy sturr band?

Yes, I have. Two and a half years ago. Apologies.

How tall is Alyssa Sturr?

Alyssa Sturr is 4' 10".

Is jimmy Vasser married?

No, Jimmy Vasser is not married.

Is Jimmy Marinos married from the Romantics?

Jimmy Marinos is not married.

When did Jimmy Wales get married?

Jimmy Wales married to Pamela Green in 1986 Jimmy Wales married to Christine Rohan in 1997 Jimmy Wales married to Kate Garvey in 2012