Is Goku stronger then sonic

Updated: 4/28/2022
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YES! Goku's been training his whole life, he does nothing but train. Sonic just runs around having fun. Goku rarely takes breaks.if things were getting bad for Goku he would go super sayin. if things were still bad he'd go super sayin 2. and if things were STILL (this is very unlikly) going bad then he would go super sayin 3. Goku's such a good guy he'd probably let Sonic go.

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Q: Is Goku stronger then sonic
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Who is stronger Goku or sonic?

Now in terms or strength goku because goku could just keep getting stronger but in terms of power and ki sonic sonic speed can run over goku making have bruises and die just like a car running over a human so we could say that sonic may have the advantage to win especially sonics hyper form is on track with gokus masterd ultra instinct and also both sonics hyper form and goku ui drain there power so it might be a tie but sonic can obsorb all the choas emralds in to his body which even goku cant do because his a mortal. sonic was born stronger than goku so for know we say that sonic is physically stronger than sonic and wiki user goku is not stronger than sonic

Who is stronger solar sonic or ss3 Goku?

it wil be a tie

Who will win Goku or sonic?

Goku becaus he can teleport and if he punched sonic once then sonic would drop his rings.

Who is stronger Goku or veteta?

goku is stronger then vegeta

Is Anng or Goku stronger?

Goku is stronger.

Who would win sonic vs Goku?

Sonic > Goku Super Sonic = Super Saiyan which version of sonic?

Who is more famous Sonic the Hedgehog or Goku?

Goku of coures

Is Arale stronger than Goku?

No. Goku is the strongest.

Is piccolo stronger than Goku?

no no no piccolo is not stronger than goku

Who would win Goku or Anng?

Goku would win cause I do not know anything about Anng but in battle between Sonic and Goku Sonic would kill Goku.

Who is stronger Goku or cooler?


Is vageta stronger than Goku?

Well goku is the ultimate super sain so goku is stronger