Is Bowser Jr a girl or a boy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a boy i think

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Q: Is Bowser Jr a girl or a boy?
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Is Bowser A Boy Or A Girl?


Does Bowser jr have a girl friend?

no stupid

Who is stronger waluigi or bowser jr?

Bowser jr.

How old is Bowser Jr.?

Bowser Jr. is 9.

How old bowser Jr?

Bowser Jr. is 9.

What is bowser jrs proper name?

Bowser Jr's proper name is Bowser Jr. He is called "Junior" by his father, but his real name is Bowser Jr.

Is bowser jr bowsers son?

It is his son because the name him right after bowser but don't ask me who was his soulmate which is bowsers girl (clawdia)

Who is stronger king boo or bowser jr from Mario?

Jr Bowser

Is it true bowser jr in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

No,Bowser Jr is not in brawl but the original bowser is.

Who is the coolest koopa kid?

possibly bowser jr. or roy, roy is a bad boy and fierce but a little bit of a blond and bowser jr. is cute but vicious but apears to be bowsers favorite koopa kid.

What do bowser and bowser Jr do?

Bowser is Mario's enemy.He is born in 1985 in Super Mario Bros on the NES. Bowser Jr is the worst son you can have.

Did bowser lie to bowser jr?

Yes he did in Super Mario Sunshine. He lied to Bowser Jr about Peach being his mother.