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In the actual game, No. But in multiplayer, have all you want. I just make up many different characters and split up my time using them. But, the answer is baisically no.

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Q: In wolfquest can you get more than one mate?
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Is there more than one wolfquest game?

Yes! There is Wolfquest: Slough Creek. If you want both, you can get Wolfquest: Survival of the pack. You can have pups on it.

How do you get pregnant on woozworld?

On the 1st WolfQuest you can't... However on WolfQuest 2 you can but you need a mate on the 1st one.

How many wolves do you have to meet in order to mate in WolfQuest?

once you have been and greeted one wolf in each terotory you will find a mate.

Does the komodo dragon have more than one mate?

no thay have one mate

In twilight can a vampire have more than one mate?

No. There is only one mate for one vampire.

What to do after you get a mate in wolfquest?

You start a new game and click the Creek or whichever one it is. Then you just follow the directions from there !~

How do you make another account on wolfquest?

It's not encouraged to have more than one account, as referenced in the WolfQuest FAQ. To make another, you'd have to repeat the registration process.

Can you get 2 mates on wolfquest?

You may only gain one mate per save file in all versions of WolfQuest. Your mate will never die permanently, respawning whenever they die or are killed. There's never any need to seek out another.

Can you get a mate on WolfQuest if you are on multiplayer?

You cannot technically receive a mate, but people "get" mates through roleplay. Mates are not allowed on WolfQuest: Multiplayer, and it is best to stay away from related chats. If you see any mate-related/gender-specific chats, please send in an abuse report. You can fill out the abuse forum here: You cant have A "REAL" Mate in Wolfquest, but you could rp pups, in the Information about Wolfquest, it Clearly says You could be a mother wolf, and such as Like Alpha Male and Alpha Fmale, that does not techinally mean your mates!!

What happens when one of the orca mate dies do they find another mate?

Killer whales have more than one mate, as they are polygamous.

Do butterflies mate with more than one person?

Sweetheart, butterflies don't mate with people.

How do you get pups on WolfQuest?

In WolfQuest, pups are obtained by successfully raising a litter with a mate typically after completing the den quest and winning the territory. You will then have the opportunity to care for and raise your pups in the game.