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The Episode An Egg Scramble

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Q: In what Pokemon episode does dawn get a cyndaquil egg?
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What is the episode called when dawn gets the cyindiqil?

The episode when Dawn receives a Cyndaquil is the episode that's called "An Egg Scramble."

Will dawn still be in Pokemon next year?

Right now, it is unkown. Possibly, since the new games are Generation IV. (HG and SS)She might, It may be hinted because in the most recent Japanese episode, she received an egg and it hatched into the Johto starter, Cyndaquil! Maybe by the time the new anime comes out, she will be there.

Will dawn catch a cyndaquil?

if in the show yes. she gets it by an egg and gets tooken by team rocket but right when saved it hatches.

Will dawn's cyndaquil evolve?

yes she does it hatched from an egg. i can prove it to you. copy and paste this link.

How do you get typhlosion in Pokemon HeartGold?

Typhlosion is the final evolution a Cyndaquil, one of the three starting pokemon to choose from when starting the game. If you didn't choose Cyndaquil as your starter than the only other way to get it if by trading with someone who has typhlosion and trading for an egg of typholsion/Quilava/Cyndaquil, hatch it and lvl it up.

Where can you find Cydaquil in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Cyndaquil is a starter pokemon from the Johto region and like all starters, it cannot be found in the wild. You receive it as a gift from Professor Elm and it will become your first pokemon. If you want more than one Cyndaquil or chose a different starter and want a Cyndaquil, you’ll have to trade from another copy of HG/SS. If you chose Cyndaquil as your starter and it’s a female, you can breed it and the Egg it produces will be a Cyndaquil. Other than these three methods, it is not possible to obtain a(nother) Cyndaquil.

What episode does ash get phanphy?

Ash receives his Phanpy as an egg, in the episode, Extreme Pokemon!

How do you get cindiquil in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you need to trade from Pokemon xd using the game cube adapter!Or get the quilava from Pokemon colosseum and put it in the daycare with a ditto and hatch the egg you will receive and boom its cyndaquil.

Could you get cyndaquil in Pokemon saphair or leaf green or platinum?

You can get cyndaquil three ways, One get the quilava from Pokemon colosseum, purify it then trade it to sapphire or leafgreen then breed it with a ditto when its a typhlosion then hatch the egg and its cyndaquil then migrate the cyndaquil into platinum, Two get a cyndaquil from Pokemon xd gale of darkness by going through mt battle while using two Pokemon for the entire thing so i.e if you have latios and latias at the first battle for the rest of the 99 battles you need to keep latios and latias. After beating mt battle you should be able to pick a johto starter and you will pick cyndaquil, Three get a cyndaquil from Pokemon emerald after totally completing the pokedex and then talk to prof birch and he will let you take one take cyndaquil. The first and second way are easier but if you can manage to do the third one nice job.

Did dawn ever have a Pokemon egg?

she had a Pokemon egg in the Japanese episodes.At the end of the pisode the egg hatched into a cyndaquil.cyndaquil and piplup are rivals:(.Dawns cyndaquils moves are: Flame Wheel,Smokescreen,swift and takle.

How you receive a cyndaquil egg in heartgold?

you put a ditto with typhlosion

Ash's johto region Pokemon?

The Pokemon he caught in johto Herracross Chikorita/Bayleef Cyndaquil(then evolves in the sinnoh region) Totodile Noctowl(shiny) Pokemon he already had when he came to johto Pikachu Bulbasaur Charizard(then released) Squirtle(then released) Egg Hatched Phanphy Larvitar Regular Team Pikachu Totodile Chikorita/Bayleef Bulbasaur Cyndaquil Noctowl