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On nutria island there's only one its the one near where you dock your fan boat.

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Q: In the urbs sims in the city where is the dancing nutria?
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Can you woohoo on the urbs sims in the city?

no,but you can on sims 3 for the ipod thingy.

On The Urbs sims can you marry someone?

im not sure all i know is you can flirt and kiss...actualy im testing it right now i wont know for awhile...

How can you invite daddy bigbucks to your house on urbs DS?

Just use the phone to invite him like any other friend you would invite....You should have a pretty good relationship with him to have him as an option, or a -100 relationship with another urb........

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Can you woohoo on the urbs sims in the city?

no,but you can on sims 3 for the ipod thingy.

What is the best sims game for ps2?

That would be sims 2 and urbs in the city

How do you urbs in English?

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The urbs sims in the city?

The Urbz: The Sims in the City is a game that was released for Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and the Nintendo DS in 2004. It is a simulation game by Electronic Arts.

Where is the map for the island in the urbs sims in the city?

its on the boat in the upstairs of the captains room.i know cuz im on goal sheet 5.

Urbs the sims in the city where is the inventor?

the inventer is mokey (the bum in the park). after u do what he wants give him a shower in the jail and he'll become an inventer.

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