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you need to beat world 1 then you draw it out with the key "s"

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Q: In the fancy pants adventure world 1 how do you get the sword from the do not enter room?
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How do you draw the sword on fancy pants?

nkldwq s[pa

What is fancy pants?

its a game for the computer in which you collect squiggles and defeat an angry penguin. In fancy pants 2 you attempt to get a snail shell in a hole in a golf type way to get different colors of pants(optional) and you get back an ice cream that a rabbit stole from you. In Fancy Pants 3 you save your sister, Cutie Pants, from pirates with a pencil(when you find it) as a sword.

How can you get beam sword in adventure quest worlds?

There is no beam sword in aqw.

Do sword fish grow their sword?

Yes, its a fancy bone or tooth sticking out the nose.

What is the best sword in adventure quest?

If you have max strenght; the Unlucky Sword. Highest base damage.

Best Adventure quest worlds sword?

my opinon it is probely star sword or any of miltionus weapons

How do you get the crusaders sword in Adventure Quest Worlds?

fuv k his as

How do you get the pumpkin sword in adventure quest worlds?

Not avalabile anymore

Where do you get the sword made of fire in adventure quest worlds?

in swordheaven

How do you get the super sword in the stone in Adventure Quest?

A quest from Tom foolery.

What is the strongest sword in adventure quest worlds?

piston driven polearm

Is there codes for adventure Quest worlds?

Oicu812 = Skullwrath sword Thirteen1 = Badger Helm Dragonkhan8234280 = dragon khan sword