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You have to go to Brass's office and ask him for one.

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Q: In the csi game dark motives how do you get a warrant?
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What are the release dates for CSI Crime Scene Investigation - Dark Motives - 2004 VG?

CSI Crime Scene Investigation - Dark Motives - 2004 VG was released on: USA: 27 March 2004

Is there a walkthrough for csi dark motives on Nintendo ds?

Follow this link for a good walkthrough for CSI: Dark Motives on DS:;cheats Or, if you cant follow links type in on google: walkthrough for csi: dark motives ds and click on the 2nd one down. when you get on that page, go down to the bit that says CSI: Dark Motives Quick Links and click on hints and cheats. Finally when your on hints and cheats, then click on the 2nd walkthrough- the one by odino.

How do you erase reset CSI Dark Motives for Nintendo DS?

when you turn it on touch the case and it will say reset or continue touch reset. hope that helps.

How do you get Cory in for an interrogation on csi crime scene investigation dark motives PC game you have went through the full walk through and you still cant get him in Help please.?

make up something to lie to him to get him in and once his in make him tell everything

Does anybody have any advice on csi Dark Motives you are stuck on a case and have no idea where to go?

Go And Search It On YouTube.You Might Get A Video Of It From Zslyzer.Watch It It Really Helped Me !!!

Csi dark motives on Nintendo ds where is the tire tread outside leslies shop?

The tire tread is right outside the garage gate at the bottom right.

Is there a csi game after fatal conspiracy?

Unfortunately no, there is not another CSI game after that one =/

When entering a dark room why do CSI never turn on the lights?

because its dark how can they see?

Can you play CSI DVD game on the ps2?

you can play the PS2 game CSI 3 Dimensions of Murder

What are the release dates for CSI Crime Scene Investigation - 2000 Loco Motives 7-10?

CSI Crime Scene Investigation - 2000 Loco Motives 7-10 was released on: USA: 7 December 2006 Hungary: 11 October 2007 Germany: 8 November 2007 Japan: 21 June 2008

Why cant you get finger prints into the computer CSI Dark Motives?

You need to give your prints to Greg by selecting evidence then you select trace. Your fingerprints and other evidence, such as footprints and such, will be listed there. Don't double click on it, just drag it over to Greg and he will put it into the computer for you.GOOD LUCK

Where can one purchase CSI games?

One can purchase CSI games from any game store like GameStop. One with a PS3 can purchase CSI games directly from the PlaystationStore. One can also purchase CSI games from GameFly.