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In sims 2 smack-a-ghoul level 5 u have to do it 20 times

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Q: In sims 2 psp how many times do you have to do smack-a-ghoul level 5?
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how do you get to level 4 on my sims on the ds

How many times do the Sims on Sims 2 for PS2 have to 'woo hoo' before they get pregnant?

There is no way to.

How many times can you download The Sims 2 game on different computers?

As Many times as you want.

How many visa points dose it take to make a level in Sims 3?

A lot. :)

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In sims 1 how do you get to level 2?

In the original Sims, and even the following Sims 2, there are no levels.

How many times can you adopt a baby on sims 3?

well, you can only have one baby in sims 3 but you van adopt some

What is my sims about?

my sims has a small town and you have to get your star level up [in ds]

What level do you have to be on to get a job on Sims?

You don't have to be on no level. You can go from your sims computer or their newspaper.It depends if your game is on the computer or game system...

How do you check your fame level on sims 3 late night?

To check your fame level on the sims 3...1) you have to have already met a clebrity and impress them around three times to get a star on your sims celebrity level2) when your at home or in your flat on the sims press L with the cap lock on and it wil show your sims celebrity diary of how many dance clubs you've been to and how many celebritys yuve met and other stuff like that...Anouther way is to go onto the page at the bottom where it has "stuff in your backpack" ur....... "your sims personalty" click on the one that takes you to your sims personality and it will come up n the corner once you have a star in fame if you don't have a star of fame it won't come up until you do....Hope this helped...megamonkeymad xx

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It's between 5 or 4

How many times on Sims 3 do you have to woohoo to get pregnant?

You don't woohoo, you try for a baby.