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you get it to make you a gear for the town clock out of snow

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Q: In mission 8 what do you do with the yellow puffle?
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In mission 8 where is the yellow puffle?

in mission eight the yellow puffle is at the have to play a piece on the piano to make it come out

What do you do after you get the yellow puffle in mission on club penguin?

talk to G

On ClubPenguin what do you do with the bucket of snow in mission 7?

Give it to the yellow puffle, at the stage!

Where is the cog diagram for the yellow puffle in the mission on club penguin?

Rookie has it. He is in the Town (I think).

How does the yellow puffle becomes your friend in the mission in the clockwork repairs?

pee all over it

Where is the music notes for mission 7 in club penguin?

In the theatre, where the yellow puffle is. (By The Piano)

How do you give the snow to the yellow puffle on the clock repair mission?

Get the sand bucket sitting at the beach and go to the snow forts. Pick up the bucket and fill it up with snow. Take it to the yellow puffle.

Wheres the hat for the green puffle in mission 8?

in the gadget room at the HQ

What do you do after you have made friends with the yellow puffle on club penguin?

In the mission you get the sand pail from the beach and scoop up sand. Then bring it to the puffle and get the flyer from the new agent. LCMY

You made the yellow puffle really happy on club penguin mission seven now what?

make it make the gear!

How do you give the yellow puffle the sheet in Club Penguin mission 7?

get the sheet from your inventory and with it click on the puffle.It work's for me

What do you do with the yellow puffle?

You just do the same as the other puffles to the yellow puffle