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Yes, It is but not in Little Fighter 2 but in Little Fighter 2 Dark and you can also download it at

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Q: In little fighter 2 is there dark Julian?
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How do you get Julian in little fighter 2?

no because in little fighter 2 there is only bandit,hunter,mark,sorcerer,jack,monk,Jan,knight,Justin,Henry,template,Davis,woody,Julian,freeze,firen,Dennis,Louis ex,Louis,firzen,bat,Rudolf,deep,and john no dark Julian

Where can you download little fighter 2.5?

Why to download it? you can easily download Little Fighter 2 Dark much better than Little Fighter 2.5 . Little Fighter 2 Dark can be downloaded at

How can you download Naruto little fighter 2?

Naruto Little Fighter 2 is not any Game the name of the game is Little Fighter 2 Naruto the Path of Destruction but a much better version of Little Fighter 2 is available named as Little Fighter 2 Dark. You can Download it at

What is Little fighter 2?

Little fighter 2 is a game that you fight other players online and non online but many new versions of Little Fighter 2 have been released and one of them is Little Fighter 2 Dark which can be downloaded at

Where can you download little fighter 2.5 from?

No need to download Little Fighter 2.5 because a much better version Little Fighter 2 Dark can be downloaded at

How do you download little fighter 2 dark?

hey go to !

From where can I download Little Fighter 2 Dark?

You can download it at the game official website

How do you download Little Fighter 2 2.5?

how to download little fighter 2 2.5

Does Little fighter 2 have a virus?

its a virus!!

What is LF2?

LF2 is Little fighter 2

Little fighter 2 night?

this is the best game

Controls for little fighter 2?

lf2 cheat