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I'm not quite sure, there's an event for it where Carter asks you to use your hammer to do it. If you want to know the exact time, type hm7 or Ushi no Tane 7on Google It has EVERYTHING you need to know on Harvest moon.

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Q: In harvest moon ds how do you open up the mine?
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What do you do to open the first mine in harvest moon ds?

go into the mine after 8:00 pm

Harvest moon how do you get the third mine?

On Harvest Moon: DS and Harvest Moon: DS Cute, you get the third mine by reaching the bottom of the second mine, which is 255 floors deep.

In harvest moon ds how do you get to mine 3?

how to get rich in harvest moon island of happiness Nintendo ds how to get rich in harvest moon island of happiness Nintendo ds

How do you get adamite ore in harvest moon ds?

Mine it in the 3rd mine

Where do you get adamnatite on harvest moon ds?

In order to get that, you need to mine in the third mine.

How do you get adamtite in Harvest Moon DS?

the mine level 2

Harvest Moon Ds where is Adamantite?

it is in the second mine to get the second mine you have to complete the first mine

How do you get mystril in harvest moon ds?

You can mine it in the 2nd mine at level 7-10

Where can you find Carter in Harvest Moon DS?

Either in the mine or in the tent.

In HArvest Moon Cute ds what do you need to unlock the second mine?

complete the first mine

What mine has mystrile on harvest moon ds cute?

The 3rd mine has mystrile on all floors.

How do you get adamanitite in harvest moon ds?

you can get adamanitite in harves moon ds by going to the 25 level of the mine were flora and carter camp