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Unfortunately you can't get it to him. You would have had to have it on hand. You can always wait until next year (when you have a kitchen, etc); though he may change the item he's looking for. When you CAN supply him with what he's asking for you will receive a piece of golden lumber and will unlock the lumber team leader Sprite. Don't worry! You'll have plenty more chances! (They'll just be a year apart)

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Q: In harvest moon cute how do you get marmalade in the middle of winter when you dont have any cooking supplies or oranges i need it for the mayor by 5pm?
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What things can you do with oranges?

You can make fresh squeezed orange juice or orange marmalade jelly from oranges.

How much marmalade can you make with twenty five pounds of oranges?

if using the 2:1 ratio of sugar to fruit you should get around 24 litres of marmalade from 25 pound of oranges (this is about 56 half pound jars)

What is Paddington Bear's favorite fruit?

Paddington Bear loves marmalade. Marmalade is made from citrus fruits. The most popular one is Seville oranges.

What is English marmalade?

A preserve or confection made of the pulp of fruit, as the quince, pear, apple, orange, etc., boiled with sugar, and brought to a jamlike consistence.

What foods are orange in color?

Oranges! Mandarines, apricots, Marmalade, lollipops, pumpkins, papaya,

Who invented marmalade?

an Aberdeen business man imported some oranges from Spain and they went really sour so he turned them into the substance which is now called marmalade!

When is the best time to harvest oranges?

The raining season

What has the author Florence Gibson Barton written?

Florence Gibson Barton has written: 'The California orange cook book' -- subject(s): Cookery, Cookery (Oranges), Oranges, Cooking, Cooking (Oranges)

When is the orange harvest season?

floridas oranges harvest in hot July august and September mostly in fall

What fruit is usually used to make marmalade?

Valencia Oranges are generally used to make marmalade in the United States. The Seville Orange used in Spain causes too many severe allergies to be safe for use in the United States. Any company using them would soon go broke from the many lawsuits.

How did it come about that the English who grow no oranges developed a tradition for orange marmalade almost unknown in the countries that do grow oranges?

The English occupied a lot of countries where oranges grew, but it was hard to transport these oranges back to England without a lot of spoilage. The oranges that started to rot while underway, where cooked up with sugar and put into jars, which could be kept longer.

What has the author Alice Clemente written?

Alice Clemente has written: 'SWEET MARMALADE, SOUR ORANGES - Contemporary Portuguese Women's Fiction -(EURO 15.66)'