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Use ONE fish (brown trout, which u can get in the little stream in the mine area) and FOUR herbs (Lots of blue, 2 or 3, and any other colour, i used yellow!)

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Q: In harvest moon animal parade how do you make the good fish herb?
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Harvest n animal parade where do you get cornmeal?

Grow or buy an ear of good corn. Grind it to flour in the water mill by the bridge in Flute Fields.

Can you interact with the kappa in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

No, you can't. He is just there for decoration, like the rubber duckys you sometimes find. Good job finding him though, he is hard to see.

How do you turn the witch back to normal potion harvest animal parade moon?

Just go back to the forest after you help the wizard, (bring him perfect butter, good cornmeal, hibiscus)

How do you ring the blue bell in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

Actually, I think the Blue Bell is the most complex >.< Here's a good explanation:

Does the herb fish on Daren's rainbow recipe have to be good or can it be perfect on harvest moon tot?

no, it has to be good, or it won't work.

How do you get a horse in harvest moon animal parade?

I am not exactly sure, but if you ship enough stuff in animal products, someday a horse will show up on the list:) Well , it took me until Winter 6th , but you have to sell 30,000G of animal pronducts . If you have many animals , it might not take but a few weeks , but if do not have many animals , it could take you awhile . So , good luck . :)

In harvest moon tree of tranquility can you use a decent herb fish for the rainbow?

No it needs to be good.

How do you make good herb fish in harvest moon?

Herb Fish is made by combining fish and an herb in an oven. Good Herb Fish is made if the fish add up to be worth 300g (it can be more than one fish). Perfect or Shining will work, too.

Is the new Harvest Moon game on Wii any good?

I've never played it but pretty much all of the other harvest moon games are good. You could try reading a review on it on the internet. if you're talking about Animal Parade, then YES. that game is awesome. it's got a lot of story to it, very fun to play. I've played every other HM game and this one is one of my favorites.

Where do you get good corn on Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

You need to grow some during the summer season, the higher quality of soil means the higher chance of gettting a higher quality crop. You can also buy some from Marimba Farm if the shop has sent you a notice saying they have upgraded.

What is the meaning of good harvest?

the good harvest to all

In harvest moon tree of tranquility where can you buy good herb fish?

you cant buyit. You catch an eel and cook it with herbs in the oven