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Im not sure if it would work but if ruby and emerald are the same then hes in the museam u have to beat 2 magma or aqua grunts (or whatever grunt is in emrald)

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Q: In emerald you can't find captain stern he's not at slateport harbor?
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Where is captain stern in emerald?

In the Slateport museum.

Where in slateport harbor is captain stern?

In the place where the SS tidal is.

Where in slateport is capt stern after you beat may on emerald?

he is in the slateport harbor, right above the Pokemon center

Where is captain stern in pokemon emerald?

In the slateport city boat dock place

Devons goods Pokemon Emerald?

You go to slateport and you deliver the Devon goods to captain stern.

Where do you go after the abandon ship on Pokemon emerald?

Once you get the scanner, go to slateport and find captain stern, he will trade you a hold item for it.

Where is Captain Stern in Pokemon Ruby?

Captain Stern is on the top floor of the museum in Slateport City.

How do you get the deepseatooth?

Slateport city given to you by Captain Stern.

How do you get deepseatooth in Pokemon Emerald?

You get it in Slateport City, by Capt. Stern. Hope I helped :)

Where is captn stern in slateport city on Pokemon Emerald?

south, down the Pokemon beach

Where can I find capt stern in Pokemon Emerald?

Captain Stern is first located at Slateport City. After saving Mr Briney's Peeko on the tunnel, go to Briney's hut and talk to him. After delivering the goods at Steven and finishing the gym at the Dewford town, talk to Mr. Briney and go to Slateport City. Go up and enter the museum. On the second floor, captain stern was standing next to the scale model of SS Anne.

Where is captain stern before you beat the elite four in sapphire?

a guy will ask u if u can deliver Devon goods to captain stern..captain stern is found in the museum of slateport(specifically 2nd floor).