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under the couch in Gary's room, there is a paper clip use it to "break" the magnet.

if u want to open the case, use the wrench on your spy phone.

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Q: In club penguin what is the key to open the case for the electromagnet?
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How do you use the ElectroMagnet 3000 in Club Penguin?

open powa box with a wrench then put the paper clip inside it

On Club Penguin how do you open the electric box in Case of the Missing Coins?

you get your wrench out of your spyphone and open it out of any 4 screws

What is password to open the club penguin cheat vault?

its club penguin rules

Is Club Penguin open on Satuday?

Club penguin is online everyday of the week :) Hope it helped !

Where is the electrommanet 3000 on Club Penguin?

Electromagnet 3000 is in Gary's Invention cabinet in HQ in all of the missions, though you need it only in one. You can open it by asking Gary for the password. The password is "key".

What date did Club Penguin came in?

Club penguin was open to the internet on 25 October 2005. Does that answer your question?

What year did club penguin open?


On club penguin what do you do when it says you can only have 1 Club Penguin window open at a time?

if you have more than 1 open close the 1 you don't need.

When will the server alpine be open on club penguin?

It's already open!

How do you open the big box on club penguin?


How do you open the club penguin treasure book?

By clicking on it no!

How do you open the secret gate in club penguin?

with a key!