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Well he can do the special hippogryph jump over and over to access any distance or height, and he can also transform into a bat but at the cost of mana over time.

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Q: In castlevania dos can alucard do a special high jump as he could in SOTN?
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How many rooms are in castlevania sotn?

About 1887

Where can you get the murasama sword in castlevania sotn?

the murasama sword is from the scarecrow

Where is the Leap Stone in Castlevania SOTN?

At the top of the 1st castle were the flying flemen are

Where is the echo of bat in castlevania sotn?

after orlox is defeated become a bat a fly left til you reach a room by the ceiling

Do they plan on remaking old castlevania games?

Depends what you mean. Some Castlevania games, like SOTN have been released on multiple gaming platforms. You could always search the Wii's virtual console, Xbox live Arcade/shop, or DSI/3DS Ware shops. They might have some older castlevania games for sale. As far as releasing a remake on a cartridge/disc like Ocarina of Time 3DS, nothing has been announced yet.

What are the names of all the spells in castlevania SOTN?

1Hellfire(transport fireball attack) 2summon spirit(summons a spirit) 3dark metamorphosis(heals by shedding blood) 4soul steal(steals HP from nearby enemies) 5tetra spirit(summons 5 spirits) 6sword brothers(attack with the Sword Card)

What are the 3 names you put after you beat SOTN?

* GHOST111: A single potion will populate your inventory. * DRACULA: A single Nova Bomb will populate your inventory. * MARIA: Don't like fighting Doppelgangers? Input this as your name to skip such battles. * AXELORD: Pause the game and go to "Settings," under which there will appear a "Time Attack" option where listed will be the specific times when Alucard defeated bosses and collected special items. * MEPHISTO: After completing the game with at least a 200% completion rate, enter this as your name. Whenever you defeat a Guardian, as encountered in the Black Marble Gallery, it will drop the God's Garb. * X-X!V"Q: To show that the team that made Rondo of Blood had a big hand in Symphony, a code from the PC-Engine classic works here, too: After clearing the game with Alucard, enter this as your name to start with increased luck at the expense of your other stats. Also, the jewel called Lapus Lazuli will also be yours. * X-XIV: After defeating the game with Alucard and starting a mission as Richter, start a new file and use this name. Alucard will have increased intelligence at the expense of strength.

How do you get a power of sire castlevania sotn?

The first one is in the normal castle at the bottom where you beat cerberos, just go to the right and keep going to you get to the last room, then at the bottom left of that room is a secret room and you break the wall and get the power of sire. By the way, have the demon familiar on to open the switch to let you go to that far right area in the first place. There are two more power of sire in the inverted castle, not sure if you need them all.

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