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I don't think it matters since you can just switch them out but if you add them in so there's a couple cards with different colors than its against the rules

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Q: In a tournament does your extra deck have to have the same color sleeves as your main?
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Can you use a Dragon Master Knight in a tournament?

Yes, you can use three in your Extra Deck if you wish, it is unrestricted.

What is recommended Yu-Gi-Oh stuff to get?

a deck playmat deck box sleeves and maybe a trade binder

Can someone rate your tournament deck?

if you show it to me, yes i will

How many cards are in a legal Pokemon tournament deck?


Are ritual monsters in your deck or extra deck?

Ritual monsters, and the rituals for them are in your regular deck.

Can teammate use extra deck tag duel?

A teammate cannot use an extra deck tag during dueling. Each player holds their own extra deck and it is not possible to use another teammates for play.

How did Jesse Anderson get his crystal beast deck?

Pegasus gave him his deck cause Jesse won a tournament and the cards started calling to him

Any Yugioh fans out there if there are any I need tips to make a tournament worthy Elemental Hero deck can anyone help?

Tournament worthy elemental hero deck. Ha. Ok. Use a destiny monarch deck instead, or a diamond dude turbo, you could find these on tcgplayer

Rate your Morphtronic deck?

my morphtronic deck always needs improving in order to keep up with the game just like everyone else. but, my deck does win tournament matches so, my deck is competitive.

How many 'Cyber Dragons' can you have in a Deck?

Cyber Dragon is Semi-Limited. You can have up to two copies of Cyber Dragon in your Deck and Side Deck combined during any official Duel or tournament.

Does your extra deck count as your hand?

No, it does not.The only possible overlap, is if an effect tries to put a Synchro or Fusion monster in hand or main deck, these are returned to the Extra Deck instead, as a specific replacement effect.

Is the Fusion Deck also considered your Deck on a card description?

No. If a card says to 'search your Deck', or 'send a card from the top of your Deck', this means your main deck. If something tries to return a Fusion monster 'to deck' though, that will put it back in your Extra Deck. That doesn't mean Extra Deck is the considered the same thing, that's just where Fusions and Synchros go when something tries to put them back in Deck.