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rp = rating pending

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Q: In a game how old do you have to be if the rating is rp?
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What does the video game rating RP mean?

the rating RP simply means that the game still needs to be rated. RP stands for rate pending

What does the ESRB game rating RP mean?

The "RP" Rating means "Rating Pending". It's only used before the game gets a rating before the release of said game.

Is rp games rated?

When a game is rated RP, it is still awaiting a final decision from the ratings board. RP means Rating Pending. You won't find a released game with that rating on.

What does Rated RP stand for in a video game?

RP stands for "Rating Pending," which means that the game has been submitted to the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), and is waiting for the final rating. RP only shows during advertising prior to the release of a game.

What does rp on a video game stand for?

rating pending

What does the rating rp mean?

RP means rating pending, or the rating is yet to be determined.

What is rated rp in a game?

In terms of ESRB ratings, RP means "Rating Pending", a placeholder on box art where the game has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

What does rated rp mean?

Under the ESRB rating system, RP means "rating pending," which means that the entire completed game has not yet been submitted to the ESRB for rating, usually because the game itself is not finished yet.

What does RP mean on a video game?

Rating Pending, meaning they havent figured out the rating yet for whatever reason.

When rating games what does RP mean?

RP stand for Rating Pending.

If a game says rp on it can you play it on the PlayStation 2?

PlayStation 2 can play PSone and PS2 games, RP stands for 'Rating Pending'.

What does game rating rp mean?

It means that the people aren't sure about what it should be rated