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mama hoggs room... monday at 6:47 by pic of sheriff person

ok the here is the order 1.saterday,4:00pm in mama hoggs room.

2.Tuesday ,8:00am,furnice


4.Thursday,4:01pm,beside the stairs going to the basement

5.Friday,12:01pm frezzer

hey i tried no.1 and it didn't work

i tried 1,2, and 3 and they didn't work

Yeah, I tried 1# and it didn't work for me ether.

no.1 worked for me, its behind the blind bit where theres a picture of auda serif & some candles, it is there. i didnt get it first though i got it third so they might not b in the roght order

no2 did not work

I cant find it in the frezzer

there is a way to find them all in one day cheat change the date or time and it will change the game :P caution wen u get to the correct date you may trigger an alien invasion aliens will be in the pasture by cows on sun duck in atruim and in basment

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Q: In Sims 2 for Nintendo DS where are the 5 mechanical skill points?
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How can you get mechanical skill points for sims 2 on the Nintendo ds?

try when the sink or shower brakes down:)

Where are the mechanical skill points on sims 2 ds?

Anywhere.... usually in the hotell or in the restaurant place.

Sims 2 for the ds after you get the 5 mechanical skill points what do you do?

Once you get 5 mechanical skill points you have to complete the mission "Earn Mechanical 5, break into the Penthouse, and steal the Blueprints" and when you obtain the blueprints for the antenna you have to take it to the alien emperor: Emperor Zizzle.

How do you obtain mechanical skill points on The Sims 2 for DS?

you have to find them at certain spots at certain times of the day.

How do you collect 5 mechanical skill points on sims 2 for ds?

i think you just have to look around, i heard that there is a cheat to make your skill points increase or decrease but you will have to look around on the internet for that. Hope that helped.

Where are the 5 mechanical skill points on sims 2 ds?

Skill points are found in different places, at different times of the day. There is no telling where they will turn up. for more information, go to and look for The Sims 2 walkthrough, skill points calender.

Where to find mechanical skill points on sims 2 for ds?

all those points apaer on special times. I dont know all the times so you need to look at google or something

Who lives in Reflective Residence in sims 3 Nintendo ds?

no one but you can get a karma skill there

In sims 2 how do you get a mechanical skill of 2?

Buy a bookcase and click on it, choose the "study" option and then mechanical, once your Sim has a few points you can have them earn more by fixing things if they break down, if they don't have a decent amount of skill points call a repair man instead, other wise the Sim will end up getting electrocuted.

How do you get mechanical points in sims 2?

Buy a bookshelf click on it, click the "study" option and then mechanical.

How do you earn a mechanical skill point in sims 2?

click the book case and click study then click mechanical then wait

What do you do after you get the hieroglyphics on sims 2 castaway?

The hieroglyphics are logic skill points so they add to your logic skill points.