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yes. if on wifi no

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Q: In Pokemon when you use the move thief do you keep the item?
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Is there a move that enables you to take a pokemon's held item?

Ya, it's called thief

How do you use thief to take items off clamperl?

Get a Pokemon to know the move thief and use the move on wild clampearl a few times and check your Pokemon is holding anything if it is you have got it's item.

Can you steal items from wild Pokemon?

Yes you can. If you are battling a wild Pokemon which is holding an item, your Pokemon can steal it if it knows the TM move Thief.

What does the Pokemon move thief do?

Thief does a small amount of damage, but it also takes an item atached to your opponent and places it on your own pokemon. If you fight a wild pokemon you get it for ever, but if you fight a trainer it goes away after the fight.

Name of a item stealling move in LeafGreen?


Can you buy the move thief in Pokemon platinum?

You are not able to buy the TM for the move Thief in Pokemon Platinum. You can find the TM for Thief in Eterna City. The move Thief isn't use often competitively and it doesn't matter which Pokemon can use it for it to steal held items.

How do you use thief on a clampearl?

Thief is a move where The user attacks and steals the target's held item simultaneously. It can't steal if the user holds an item. You can't "thief" a Clampearl! (Unless it holds an item)

Where to find a item magmaizer on Pokemon platinum?

Magmarizer can be found on Route 214 or Wild Magby (low rate) best to just use Thief or an item stealing move if you are aiming for the 2nd.

What Pokemon's can learn the move thief in fire red and leaf green?

dark Pokemon can on learn thief in firered

Where can you get mushrooms in Pokemon FireRed?

Get a Pokemon who knows the move thief and battle a wild paras and use thief on it, you'll probably get a tinymushroom or something.

Where can you find a pokemon with the move thief or snatch on pokemon emerald?

Keckleon Mightyena Lombre Poocheyana learn the move by themselves!!

How do you duplicate master balls in Pokemon pearl without gts?

Do a double battle using ditto and a Pokemon with an item stealing move but first put the masterball on the Pokemon that isn't ditto. When in the battle transform ditto into the item stealing Pokemon then have the item stealing Pokemon use the item stealing move on ditto