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This will save ya.

Delete all HMs and TMs

Press L+R

94000130 fcff0000

b2111880 00000000

e00009b0 00000190

00010148 00010149

0001014a 0001014b

0001014c 0001014d

0001014e 0001014f

00010150 00010151

00010152 00010153

00010154 00010155

00010156 00010157

00010158 00010159

0001015a 0001015b

0001015c 0001015d

0001015e 0001015f

00010160 00010161

00010162 00010163

00010164 00010165

00010166 00010167

00010168 00010169

0001016a 0001016b

0001016c 0001016d

0001016e 0001016f

00010170 00010171

00010172 00010173

00010174 00010175

00010176 00010177

00010178 00010179

0001017a 0001017b

0001017c 0001017d

0001017e 0001017f

00010180 00010181

00010182 00010183

00010184 00010185

00010186 00010187

00010188 00010189

0001018a 0001018b

0001018c 0001018d

0001018e 0001018f

00010190 00010191

00010192 00010193

00010194 00010195

00010196 00010197

00010198 00010199

0001019a 0001019b

0001019c 0001019d

0001019e 0001019f

000101a0 000101a1

000101a2 000101a3

000101a4 000101a5

000101a6 000101a7

000101a8 000101a9

000101aa 000101ab

d2000000 00000000

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Q: In Pokemon soulsilver is there is ar code to forget an hm im at cianwood and i used a cheat to get an hm early but the lady outside wont let me go by without taking her hm which i already have?
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How do you get past the lady outside cianwood city gym who gives hm fly if you already have hm fly via ar codes in Pokemon soulsilver?

I Don't know but I'll tell you how to get dark lugia! ok you catch all of the unknown and go to the seafoan ilands

Where do you find HM Fly in Pokemon crystal?

Outside Cianwood City Gym.

Where are the locations of suitcune on Pokemon SoulSilver?

1) Burned Tower basement 2) north of Cianwood City 3) Outside Mt. Mortar entrance 4) Vermillion City 5) Route 14 6) Outside Bill's house (Route 25)

Where do you find fly in Pokemon Crystal?

Talk to the woman outside the Cianwood City Gym.

Where can you get Suicune in Pokemon soulsilver?

To get Suicune first you will see it north of Cianwood City, then you will see it outside the entrance to Mt.Mortar in Route 42. After that you will see it in Vermillion City, then route 14. Only after Misty has returned to her gym you will fight Suicune on Route 25 outside of Bill's House.

Where is HM02 in Pokemon Crystal?

AnswerHM02 - Fly can be found in Cianwood City. Outside of the Cianwood City Gym, there is a woman who will hand you the HM if you talk to her. However, in order to use Fly outside of battle, you will need the Storm Badge from Chuck in the Cianwood City Gym.

How do you get gly on Pokemon silver?

Outside of the Cianwood gym, Chuck's wife will give it to you after you beat Chuck.

What do you do if you don't see Suicune in vermilion city?

If you don't see it, you probably missed it back in Johto somewhere. You should of saw it in the Burned Tower, north of Cianwood City, and the berry trees outside of Mt. Mortar. This is for Pokemon Soulsilver and Heartgold.

Where do you get the HM for Fly on Pokémon SoulSilver?

You receive the HM for Fly from a woman who's standing outside of the Cianwood City Gym, after defeating the Gym Leader.

How do you get fly on pokemon heartgold?

you get it at Cianwood city. Beat the leader (chuck) His wife outside will give you the HM.

In Pokemon Gold where do you get the move fly?

Talk to the woman outside the cianwood gym after beating the gym leader there

How do you use dig outside of battle in Pokemon soulsilver?

You use it to get out of a cave