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I'm not so sure, but I think Surfing counts as steps.

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Q: In Pokemon ruby does surfing count as steps when a Pokemon is in daycare?
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How many steps does it take to get your Pokemon to level 30?

When your pokemon is in daycare, every one step, is one exp point Pokemon do not evolve in daycare however. hope it helps!

How long does it take for a Pokemon to level up in a daycare in Pokemon white?

depends on how many steps you take

Do daycare Pokemon gain xp if you are on a bike?

Yes, Pokémon in the Daycare will still acquire Experience even if the steps you take are on a bike, they are still counted as steps.

In Pokemon does flight count as steps?

No, it doesn't.

When do Pokemon have eggs?

When two Pokemon in the daycare and they both get along it will take at least 1,000 steps until you can find an egg.

Where is the egg breeder in Pokemon Pearl?

Go to Solaceon Town and there is a daycare on the right. Leave your desired Pokemon and a Pokemon of the same egg group but different gender. It will help to get the Daycare App so you can see when your Pokemon get an egg. Get the egg from the old man outside the daycare. The egg will hatch after a certain amount of steps.

How do Pokemon level up in the daycare for fire red?

As your aware a Pokemon needs a certain amound of EXP Points to level up check your Pokemon's needed EXP Points the number shown will indicate how many steps you need to take in order to level up your Pokemon while it's in the daycare so for example let's say you put a magikarp in the daycare it needs 300 EXP Points to level up so you will need to step anywhere 300 times this does include Surfing you can also ride your Bike as well or Run.

How many levels does your pokemon level up when you put it in the daycare in pokemon white?

The more steps you take the higher exp it will learn.

How fast does the daycare rase your Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

every 4 steps you take it (the pokemon) gains 1 exp. or maybe the other way around.

How do you breed Pokemon in gold?

Go to the daycare centre on route 33 south of goldenrod city take a boy and a girl Pokemon that are the same Pokemon and leave them at the daycare ,later they'll give you an egg You should also know that the longer you leave those two Pokemon in in the daycare the longer it will be befor you get another egg

How many steps does it take to level up daycare Pokemon in black?

one step = 1 exp point

How do you know that a Pokemon is getting trained while at the daycare?

gba game you have to talk to the day-care lady. ds games you can use the poketch!When your Pokemon is at a daycare, and you have a daycare application, this is how you would know. When you take 1 step, it is 1 exp. It would take a lot of steps when a high level Pokemon is at the daycare.Hope this helps!! ;)