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beat Cyrus the intergalactic hussy

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Q: In Pokemon platinum how do you get rid of the cave painting in Mount coronet?
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Where can you find a feebas in Pokemon Platinum?

it is found in mount coronet

How do you get the guard out of the way at mount coronet in Pokemon platinum?

use hacks

Do you need HM07 to reach the top of mount coronet in Pokemon platinum?


Pokemon Platinum how to get Magnezone?

To get a magnezone you have to level your magneton up on mount coronet

How do you get passed the ancient painting in mount coronet Pokemon pearl?


Pokemon ruby where is mtcoronet?

mount coronet is in the sinnoh region. that's Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum.

Which rock is feebasis now in Pokemon platinum?

Feebas is not in a rock. You can catch it in Mount Coronet.

Where do you see a probopass in Pokemon platinum?

you go to mount coronet and level up noespass

Is mount coronet in the same exact place in Pokemon platinum as in Pokemon dp?

hell no theres a new wall

How can you get to the torn world?

If you mean distortion world the go to mount coronet's peak in Pokemon platinum

How do you get passed the galactic grunts in mount coronet in Pokemon platinum?

defeat Cyrus at spear pillar

What level does nosepass evolve at in Pokemon platinum?

Nosepass does not evolve by level. It evolves by leveling it up once in Mount Coronet. Check your map for Mount Coronet if you don't know where/what it is.