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for the windmill the old guy in the meadow has it

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Q: In Pokemon pearl where does grunt drop the key?
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Where is the galactic grunt key on Pokemon platinum?

you have to beat the snowpoint city gym leader go to the lake by the city go to the front of the galactic velstone bilding there will be a grunt talk to the grunt and he will drop the key

How do you get the key for team galactica's HQ in Pokemon pearl?

I think there is a grunt in the werehouse that you have to beat. Then, I think that he drops it.

How do you get the lift key in Pokemon FireRed?

fight the team rocket grunt in the corner and he'll drop it so you can get it

Where is the key in Pokemon pearl team galactic warehouse?

The Galactic Grunt in Pastoria City has it. You need to bet the Gym to get it.

Where is the grunt you get the key from on Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum you dont get the key from a grunt you get from the detective, before getting the key you have to go talk to prof. rowan in the library .

Where is the grunt that drops a key?

apperantly, if you already battled the guy you want to chase, go to veilstone city talk to the blue haird guy and he will drop the galactic key (i think) ! thanx to noodles, give me the power to answer. Naruto fan!

Where do you find the key to get in the galactic warehouse?

A grunt will drop it

Where is the card key for team rocket in Pokemon Red?

You must go to the last floor in the area fight a grunt then, talk to him and he will drop it and then get it and i hope you mean lift key btw

Where is the key needed to get into team galactics base in Pokemon pearl?

After you beat the 7th gym, Snowpoint Gym, go to Veilstone City. Go to the Veilston Galactic Building, which is the building at the North end of Veilstone on top of the stairs. There should be a Grunt in front of the building. If you talk to him, he will drop a key to the Storage Houses.

Is there something you have to do before you see the grunt that drops the key in front of the Galactic Warehouse on Pokemon Pearl?

yes you have to beat the gym leader at snowpoint city and go to lake veity

Where is the key in Pokemon pearl?

which key there are a ton

Where is the lift key in Pokemon FireRed?

You get the Lift Key on B4F when you battle a Team Rocket Grunt in the far north corner. He even says "Who has the Lift Key" before the battle begins. He has a Level 21 Zubat and Koffing. Once you defeat him, then he will drop the key.