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you can not do that sorry

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Q: In Pokemon heart gold my team rocket uniform won't stay on?
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How do you get the team rocket uniform in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Go down in the goldenrod tunnel then go to the guy who gives you the uniform. He's a bald guy i think.

Where is the team rocket uniform?

you can get it of a team rocket guy in heart gold/soul silver

Where is tunnel where someone in a team rocket uniform will give you a team rocket uniform on Pokemon heart gold?

One you cant keep the outfit. Two its in the underground tunnel in goldenrod city. And three you get to take a picture with your Pokemon party wearing the outfit.

Where is the team rocket grunt who gives you the uniform?

In the tunnel in goldenrod city in heart gold

Where do you find the team rocket uniform in heart gold?

You go to the tunnek and talk to the photagrapher guy.

How do you get a team rocket uniform?

When going through the Team Rocket scenario in Soul Silver or Heart Gold in Goldenrod city, you can go into a tunnel and look for the man in a team rocket outfit. He will give you the uniform.

How do you wear the team rocket uniform in heart gold?

I have soul silver but I think you talk to a team rocket guard in the radio tower by the escalator

How do you beat team rocket Pokemon Heart Gold?

Since Team Rocket specializes in Poison-type Pokemon, I'd say you use Ground-type.

Where is Goldenrod City Tunnel in Pokemon Heart Gold version?

The Goldenrod City tunnel in Pokemon HeartGold is in the place where you got your Team Rocket uniform from.go in all of the houses in goldenrod and then you will find it (it looks like a very small house

How do you get team rocket suit in Pokemon heart gold?

you can get the rocket suit by going to the studio in the tunnel. a rocket will be there and will assume you are a new recruit. he will give you the last rocket suit there.

How do you get rid of team rocket in the radio tower in Pokemon heart gold?

All you have to do is beat the Rocket Leader...whoever it is ...I can't remember

Can you use cut on team rocket in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You can use the ability Cut on Team Rocket. Since it is an HM, you can use it as a Pokemon move. All Pokemon moves can be used against Team Rocket in battle.