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after reaching frotree city you leave frotree and go to the east direction and go straight and when you reach the bridge you talk to steven an d he will give you Devon scope.

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Q: In Pokemon emerald how do you find steven on the bridge before sixth gym?
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Where do you find devonscope Pokemon Emerald?

Steven gives it to you on the bridge to the west of Fortree City.

Where is steven to give you the silph scope in emerald?

steven is south of route 120 on a bridge waiting to teach you about the camoflage pokemon kelecon

Were do you get the Devon scope in Pokemon emerald?

in fortree go to the right i almost forgot but i think there's a bridge you will see steven he will give you the Devon scope to see the invisible Pokemon

When do you get to beat steven in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you cant beat steven in pokemon soul silver only in emerald,ruby and sapphire

How do you get past keleon in Pokemon emerald?

You have to get the Devon Scope from Steven.

When do you see steven in the championship in Pokemon Emerald?

In Pokemon Emerald, Steven is no longer the Champion. He has been replaced by Wallace, former Sootopolis City Gym Leader. Wallace is replaced by Juan. Steven plays a different part in the story.

In Pokemon emerald where is steven after you beat the 8th gym?

...... stewen in emerald isn't a elite champion. there is wallace.

Where can you find HMdive in Pokemon Emerald?

you get it from steven in the phycic gyms place

Where is steven and Wallace in Sootopolis in Emerald in Pokemon?

up be hind where the cave is

Where do you get the silph scope in Pokemon emerald?

steven gives to to you because of a keckleon -_-'

What is Steven's middle name in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and Emerald?


What town is steven in pokemon' emerald?

Steven lives is a house in Mossdeep City. His house is northwest of the Pokemon Center. After you defeat him, you go to his house to get a Beldum.