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Yes you can. From a walkthrough, a person claimed that he received a Thunderstone from someone from Olivia City. It's a "she" that you have to battle and get her contact. Pretty easy though =]

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Q: In Pokemon Silver where can you find a thunderstone?
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What Pokemon needs a thunderstone in soul silver?

You can use a thunderstone on pikachu

How do you get a jolteon on Pokemon Platinum?

i have Pokemon soul-silver and i evolved my evee using a thunderstone

How do you get thunderstone in soul silver?

If you show Bill's dad a certain pokemon he will give you a evolution stone. He will totally give you a thunderstone. The last pokemon you show him is pichu, but after that you don't show him a pokemon forever.

Where can you get a thunderstone in Pokemon silver?

You can get it at the Pokeathelon, Bug Catching Contest (1st Prize).

What Pokemon use the Thunderstone in Pokemon Ruby?

Pikachu+Thunderstone=Raichu Eevee+Thunderstone=Jolteon These are the only 2 pokemon that evolve with the thunderstone in pokemon emerald

Where do you find a thunderstone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can find one at the power plant

Where do you find a thunderstone on Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon?

You can buy it in the Celadon department store, or find it in the power plant

Where do you find a thunderstone in Pokemon Blue Rescue Team?

It is impossible to find a thunderstone in Pokemon blue rescue team. There is not one. I've searched everywhere. If I had not known that there was not one, I'd check Thunderwave Cave.

Where can you find a thunderstone in pokemon platinium?

you can find it by the lighthouse in sunyshore city by the snorlax rock

Where to find a thunderstone in Pokemon Black?

Talk to the worker guy on the top floor of the Route 9 Shopping Mall. He will give you a Thunderstone.

Where do you get a thunderstone on Pokemon Gold?

bye it at a poke mart or find it in a poke ball

What Pokemon evolve with a thunderstone in Pokemon White?

Tynamo will evolve into Elektrik will evolve into Elektross with a thunderstone in Pokemon White.