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You have to get a Heart Scale from the Underground and then go to the house in Pastoria city near the lake and the guy is a move relearner so you go to the guy give him the heart scale then teach Groudon Fissure and walk off happy.

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Q: In Pokemon Platinum you have a Groudon at level 85 How do you reteach it Fissure?
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How do you get past the bastard stage on the adult swim game my lil' bastard?

You have to reteach him/her everything you taught him before.That includes:Pottytraining,Smoking,and humping! xD

When does Zapdos learn drill peck FireRed?

When you first capture it it's moves are: Thunder Wave, Drill Peck, Detect, Agility. If you got rid of drill peck simply find the move tutor on Two Island give him mushrooms and you will be able to reteach Drill Peck.

What level does Sceptile learn night slash in sapphire?

Sorry But Treeko Starts Of With Night Slash So At Level One But You Can Go Fishing Near Evergrande City And Catch Some Luvdisk With A Heart Scale Attached To It Then Go To Lavaridge City And Give A Guy a Heart Scale And Then He Can Reteach Sceptile Night Slash.

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rich reach relinquish restitch reteach retouch revarnish rewash roach riseth relaunch relish rematch repatch reestablish refinish refresh refurbish regrowth rebirth redfinch rakish ranch ravish rash hope i helped (: repooh

How do you get Aeroblast onto Lugia and Sacred Fire onto Ho-oh in Crystal?

You have to trade them to Pokemon Stadium 2 and reteach them Aeroblast and Sacred Fire because they learn them at Lv. 1 and by the time you catch them in Crystal, each move that it learns have priority over it. So at lv. 60 they have already learned: Lugia: Safeguard, Gust, Recover, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance Ho-oh: Safeguard, Gust, Recover, Fire Blast, Sunny Day So their first move as well as Safeguard have been pushed out. Yea it sucks. And you can't breed them so that they hatch with the moves. In Gold version Ho-oh has Sacred Fire when you catch it but Lugia doesn't have Aeroblast. In Siver version Lugia has Aeroblast but Ho-oh doesn't have Sacred Fire.

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What do you do if you forget a hm move on Pokemon platinum?

You can just reteach it since HM are reusable.

Can you reteach a move to a Pokemon that never learned it?

no but you can teach it that move (sometimes)

Who will reteach your Pokemon moves in black version?

In Mistralton City there is a house with 4 people in it. One of them reteaches.

Can you reteach and delete your Pokémon's moves in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

No, I don't think you can. I might be wrong, but I think you have to change your Pokemon's moves on the DS then copy the Pokemon to the Wii..

Where is the move releamer in Pokemon FireRed?

Move relearner? On two island near the game corner he wants tiny mushrooms or big mushrooms give it to him to make him reteach moves to your pokemon.

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How do you relearn a computer?

you reteach the user

How do you get mammoswine?

To get a Mammoswine in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, you must teach your Pilowswine Ancient Power. Pilowswine can't learn Ancient Power, so you have to mate it with a male Pokemon that has the move Ancient Power. Wait awile then receive the egg from the old man and the baby Swinub has the move Ancient Power like the father.

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These stories are known as "parables."

What moves does roserade learn on Pokemon diamond?

In Pokémon Diamond, Roserade is no capable of learning additional moves or attacks however you can go to the Move Relearner in order to reteach it moves such as Weather Ball, Poison Sting, Mega Drain, Magical Leaf and Sweet Scent.

Can Palkia learn sub space breaker again on?

you get a heart scale and tou go to the re learner and reteach the move

What are all the moves rigigas does learn in platinum?

when trying to reteach its won hidden moves to a heart scale collector: Fire punch Ice punch mega punch thunder punch Moves that it learn or had learned already while leveling-up or not: confuse ray knock off zen headbutt crush grip stomp superpower giga impact