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Note: You have to have cheats enabled for your minecraft world.

You type in this code in the command console

(If your offline and on singleplayer type)

/give player 119 9

(If your online and on singleplayer type)

/give (your username) 119 9

This will give you the end portal but not the frame of it, the end portal will look like 2d wool in your inventory.

To get the end portal frame type in:

/give player 120 16


/give (your username) 120 16

Then place the ender portal in a 3 by 3 space and then put the ender portal frame around it.

You then have a mini version of an Ender Portal. You can also use Eyes of Ender to make it look better (ID 381).


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You can make an end portal in creative mode only. On survival, you must find it using eyes of ender.

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In Survival, you can't make an End Portal, you have to find one in a Stronghold. Once located, you have to add an Eye of Ender (Blaze Powder + Ender Pearl) to any piece of the frame that does not have one. When all 12 are filled, the portal will open. The End Portal Frame is indestructible, the blocks can't be mined and therefore the portal can't be disassembled and rebuilt elsewhere.

In Creative, you can build a portal using frame pieces, but each must be aligned correctly, each block has a 'front' and these must all face inward.

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Q: In Minecraft how do you make an End Portal?
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What are the names of the portals in Minecraft?

There are 2 portals you can craft in Minecraft. The Nether Portal and The End Portal.

What does it take to make a end portal in Minecraft?

In pure survival, it is impossible to make an End Portal Frame. If you encounter a naturally generated portal, you must place eyes of ender in each of the frames. An eye of ender is crafted by an ender pearl and blaze powder.

How do you make a end portal in minecraft pocket edition creative?

If you want to go to the end using this you can't the End isn't implemented.

What is the ID code for an end portal block?

120 is the Minecraft I.D. code for the end portal frame.

How do you make a never portal in minecraft?

Make a 5x4 Portal going upwards of obsidian.

What portals work in creativity mode on minecraft?

The nether portal and the newest one, the end portal.

What portals can you make on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft?

The only portal you can make right now is a Nether portal. Same with the PC version. (without mods)

How do you get into Minecraft hell?

Make a nether portal.

Can you make a portal in minecraft pe?

You can't

How do you make an end portal minecraft?

Place 3 End Portal Frame blocks on each side without corners, then place Eye of Ender in each frame to activate your portal. Note that, End Portal Frames cannot be obtained using Creative Mode and the give command. Mods will be required to obtain it.

Can you make an end portal in minecraft 1.0.0?

You can't you need to find it in a stronghold :) Not true you can get it using tooo many items :)

Can you make a nether portal in minecraft pe 0.5.0?