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The brown haired girl's name in Harvest Moon DS Cute is Jill.

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Q: In Harvest Moon DS Cute what is the brown haired girls name?
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On Harvest Moon DS can you be a girl?

no, but you can be a girl farmer in harvest moon ds cute. the two games have different stories and harvest moon ds was the inspiration for harvest moon ds cute as more girls were found to be playing the game than boys at the time of the beginning of the launch of harvest moon ds cute.

Harvest Moon ds Cute - Can You Be A Girl?

Obviously you can. It's called 'Cute' for a reason. Based on questions in the begginig, you can be one of two girls

How many children can you have on harvest moon cute?

On Harvest Moon D.S. Cute you only have ONE.

How can you be a boy on Harvest Moon DS Cute?

You can only be a girl in Harvest Moon DS Cute

How do you get a rabbit on harvest moon ds cute?

You cannot get a rabbit in Harvest Moon DS Cute.

What kinds of people does Chris Brown like?

he likes girls with big buts and cute and honest

What does mattybraps look forward to in girls?

blonde hair brown eyes his age and a cute smile

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i think clumsy girls are cute. not sure why but i always found one girl in my class who would always act nervous around guys and fall, and studder really cute, we dated for 5 months.. i also like girls that are funny, i love funny girls and its really cute if they can crack a great joke, but its cutest when they screw the joke up and get all red ;)

Harvest moon ds cute codes?

none :( there are glitches for the boy version of harvest moon ds though. but for harvest moon cute, they were fixed :(

How much does harvest moon ds cute cost?

The Harvest moon DS cute game cost about $40.00

Is harvest moon ds cute available in Ireland?

No, Harvest Moon CUTE had no release set for Europe at all.

Harvest moon DS cute where is forget-me-not-valley?

In harvest Moon DS Cute you LIVE in Forget-me-not valley!