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There really aren't that many combinations that can be made out of 4 letters, especially not that spell out a real word. However, if you cant be arsed to work it out yourself, the name of the door is HITS. If you want a funny quirk, try spelling out a rude word that starts with 'S' using those same 4 letters. The stones will say the word alloud.

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Q: In Fable the lost chapters what is the name of the demon door in witchwood or how do i figure it out?
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After beating jack of blades the first time when does the demon door appear in fable the lost chapters?

i dont really think you can,im trying to figure that out to,people say that you have to beat jack of blades and i have and there is not even a face on it still

How do you open the demon door in Rosa Cottage in fable the lost chapters?

To open the demon door in Rosa Cottage in Fable: The Lost Chapters, you need to perform an act of great evil. The demon door will open once you have sacrificed a large amount of moral standing, such as sacrificing multiple villagers or eating several crunchy chicks.

How do you pass the demon door in witchwood in Fable the lost chapters?

i believe that's the door that hates beauty? well one non permanent solution would be to eat a bunch of pies and get fat then eat a bunch of carrots and stuff to get skinny after opening the door

In Fable the lost chapters how do you open the demon door just outside twinblades camp?

You have to dress up in bright chain mail armour and then talk to him.

Can you turn into the demon on the case on Fable 2?

Sadly,no you cant.

Where to find the hammerthyst on Fable 2?

behind the oakfield demon door.

How do you get the fire heart in fable the lost chapters?

After listening to Scythe on the boasting platform there is a demon door that opens behind you. inside is a mini game where you can either kill or free all the prophets. when they are all free/dead the fire heart is given to you

On Fable 2 how do you unlock the final demon door?

By opening all of the others.

How do you give meat to the demon door in fable?

kick a chickin in it's mouth

Where is the Demon Door in Oakfield on Fable 2?

It is closest to the water. You have to blow kiss someone. :)

Where is the hammerthyst in Fable 2?

the hammerthyst can be found in the homestead demon door, which can be opened by preposing or blowing a kiss to someone in front of the demon door. It is found in the windmill

What does the book in the Terry Cotter's Army Demon Door in Fable 2 say?

It reveals why he has died