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When you return from the Shire.

Edit by Rossreb: I hope not, cause I have just had my first baby on Fable 2, and I have already done the Spire! (Oh and it is Spire, not Shire. I Apologize if there is a "Spire later on, but I think you mean Spire.)

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Q: In Fable 2 when does your baby grow up?
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Do your children grow up in fable 3?

give the baby About 2-3 hours for them to go from baby to child. However, it helps if your not in same area, or if you relocate, then it seems to jump from kid to child state. They will not grow into adults at any point in the game.

Which Fable game should you buy?

I personally think you sould buy Fable 2. Not Fable 3, because in Fable 3, when you turn evil; your weapon changes. But in Fable 2, you grow horns; or if you're good, you grow a halo. :)

When does your baby grow up on virtual families 2?

In the game Virtual Families 2, the baby will grow up everytime the game is played and as long as the baby is being fed. It usually takes the baby a couple of days to grow up.

Do you start of with a dog on Fable 2?

Yes, after you get shot by Lucien and grow up and start you journey.

In Fable 2 do your children grow up?

yes but i don't know if they grow into there teens because my kids have only grown to about 10.

How do you get the children to grow up after the spire in Fable 2?

Leave your hime for a couple of days then go back home

When do baby's start to walk?

when a baby they feed a baby slow grow up 2 or 4

How long does it take on Fable 2 to have a newborn grown up?

well they don't grow up fully, they stop when they're kid's and that's after you excape the spire.

How do you make a baby grow up in sims 2?

It will automaticly grow up in 3 days. And remember to take good care if it!

When is the castle in Fable 2 up for sale?

The castle in Fable 2 is never up for sale even when you kill the main guy.

On Fable 2 can 2 lesbians have a baby?

i diddnt do it but do unprotected sex and keep on doing it until you have a baby i guess... if this doesnt work sorry for the inconvience...

When will your child grow up in harvest moon island of happiness?

between the 10 and 20 year ^^^ no?? they never "grow up" but the go from baby to crawling in 2 years then after 2 MORE years it will be able to walk but it doesn't grow at all after that.