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Goku is the name that Gohan gave him, (the old Gohan) but when he was a baby, before he was sent to Earth, he was called Kakarot, which is what Vegeta calls him most of the time

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Q: In Dragon Ball Z what is the name of the main character?
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What is the last name of the Dragon Ball character Piccolo?

The last name of the Dragon Ball character Picolo is Daimao. Other characters in Dragon Ball include Vegata and Trunks. Another Dragon Ball character is Freeza.

What is the name of vegetas character on Dragon Ball Z Kai?


What is the definition of Goku?

Goku is a male name which, in Japanese, mean sky. Goku is most popular as being the name for the main character of the series Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

Where can i create your own Dragon Ball Z character?

Yes. You can create a Dragon Ball Z character in Dragon Ball Ultimate Tenkaichi in PS3 and you can go around the world looking for the 7 dragon balls.

What are all the episodes Bido Appear in?

Bido is the name of a fictional character of Dragon Ball fame. He is 767 years old and a mercenary. He made his debut in the 1993 episode titled Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Untamed. He has appeared in 8 Dragon Ball Z episodes.

What is Strogets Dragon Ball character?

Baby and his supercomputer i cant remember his name but he was in the movie plan to eradicate the super saiyans

What is gokus real name?

Goku's real birth name is Kakarot. He is one of the main characters of Dragon Ball.

What is the name of the main character?

What is the name of the main character?

In how to train your dragon what is the boys name?

well in the movie how to train your dragon, the main character with the brown long hair and geeky disposition is called Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, or Hiccup. (i lov this character!)

What is the turtle's name in Dragon Ball Z?

In the English version of Dragon ball his name is just Turtle. in the Japanese version, his name is Umigame

What is the name of the show with goku after Dragon Ball Z?

the show is called dragon ball gt

What anime characters' name begin with the letter N?

NarutoNegi from NarutoNappa from Dragon Ball ZNam from Dragon BallNinja Murasaki from Dragon BallNuova Shenron from Dragon Ball GTNautron Shenron from Dragon Ball GT