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In a sense, yes. Your odds of finding a pokemon holding an item increase just because you have that many more chances of holding one.

But your odds per individual pokemon do not increase by having multiple Pick Up pokemon, as those are based solely on the individual pokemon's level. As their level increases, so do the odds of them picking up certain items (this happens about every 10-15 levels or so).

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Q: If you have five pokemon with the pickup ability in your party does the percentage stack essentially?
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When does pachrisu learn pickup in Pokemon diamond and how?

Pickup is an ability, which means if it doesn't have the ability, it will never obtain it and you have to catch another pokemon.

How do you get a Pokemon to learn pickup in emerald?

Pickup is an ability and not a move only some pokemon can have this ability some examples are Phanphy, Zigzagoon and Linoone.

What Pokemon has the pickup ability?

Meoth, Munchlax

What Pokemon know the move pickup in Pokemon black?

First of all, pickup is not a move; it is an ability. Ten pokemon in all can have this abilityMeowthAipomTeddiursaPhanpyZigzagoonLinoonePachirisuAmbipomMunchlaxLillipup

Can a Pokemon with the ability of pickup find a master ball?


What is pickup on Pokemon?

It's an ability so Pokemon can pick up things on the ground.

What Pokemon have the pickup ability in Pokemon SoulSilver?

dude, a ZIGZAGOON! almost everybody knows.

Which Pokémon has a pickup ability in Pokémon diamond?

The ability Pickup allows for the Pokemon to pick up free items outside of battle as a held item. After a battle, a Pokemon with the ability Pickup has a 10% chance of picking up an item.Phanpy is the only Pokemon with Pickup as a single ability. The following Pokemon have the ability Pickup as a dual ability: Meowth (dual ability with Technician), Aipom(dual ability with Run Away), Teddiursa (dual ability with Quick Feet), Zigzagoon (dual ability with Gluttony), Linoone (dual ability with Gluttony), Pachirisu (dual ability with Run Away), Ambipom (dual ability with Technician) and Munchlax (dual ability with Thick Fat).Munchlax, Meowth, Aipom, Ambipom, Pachurisu, Linoone, Tedirussa, Phanphy. Zigazagoon

How do you use pickup in emerald?

The pickup ability happens automatically. Just check your party on a regular basis, and the pokemon with that ability might be holding an item.

Where do you get leftovers in Pokemon Diamond?

A wild Munchlax has about a 55% chance of holding leftovers when you catch it. You can also find a Pokemon such as Aipom, Teddiursa, Meowth, Phanpy, Zigzagoon, Linoon, Pachirisu, Ambipom, or Munchlax that has the Pickup ability. The Pickup ability is an ability that picks up random items. Once you have a Pokemon in your party that has the ability Pickup, run around places and check the Pokemon to see if it has an item attached to it every once in a while.

In Pokemon Emerald why does the Zigzagoon have items not given to it?

Because its special ability is pickup allowing it to sometimes pickup an item.

How does the ability pickup work?

A Pokemon with the ability has a 10% chance of picking up a held item after a battle.