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Yes, of couse(except the safe zones)

You lose all your items. You should not take very expensive stuff into PVP. Or into the Wilderness, for that matter, but in PVP you get "skulled" and keep zero items instead of three (or - I believe - one item instead of four, with the appropriate prayer).

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Q: If you die in PVP on Runescape do you lose armor?
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If I die in pvp world on runescape will I lose all my bank items?

While on RuneScape PVP worlds, if you die, you only lose the items you are carrying, not those in your bank, never in RuneScape will a death directly affect your banked items.

Can you lose your skillcape in runescape if you die in a pvp world?

I am not sure, but there is a button, under the option "Worn Equipment", where you can see which items you would lose, and which you would keep, in case you die. You can go to a safe place in a PVP world (e.g., Lumbridge Castle), and check it out there.

What is better Tier 10 armor or Season 8 armor?

That would depend on what purpose you use it for. Tier 10 armor is for PvE and Season 8 armor is for PvP. If you use PvE armor in PvP you will die very quickly, and if you use PvP armor in raids you will not be very effective. Stick to the armor type that matches the content you play in. If you "cross-dress" armor, consider it one season or tier lower for easy math. For instance, T10 armor would be about equivalent to Season 7 armor in PvP.

How do you get unskulled on RuneScape?

Leave pvp worlds and go to a normal world, then in around 20-30 Minutes you should lose your skull (Try not to die within that time).

Can you die in a non pvp world in wilderness on runescape?

yes you can because there are revs and other stuff

In runescape if you die do you lose your full void if you get to grave?

The grave in RuneScape serves as a safety net. So when the a players character dies they can return to their grave and reclaim all their armor meaning full void will be intact.

On runescape my mage has att and str 1 hp 36 def 3 mage 50 cb 34 I take too much damage in pvp should I raise my def?

yes, you should. try going to the fist of guthix and training there. you can also get better armor there, too, so it's worth the trip, and you don't lose anything if you die!

Can Angels destroy other Angels?

Yes in PVP or Totem War.... go to a main city and find Sentinal Angel talk to him and you will be teleported to the PVP area... you don't lose EXP if you die in PVP if u are lv 20 - 40 u will enter the noob pvp where there are only lv 20-40 and if you are lv 41 - 100 u will enter the normal pvp.....where you will see people lvl 41 - 100...... There is totem War twice a week........ You will lose exp if you die in Totem War

Do you lose your armor if you die while dungeoneering?

Answer: You don't bring armor with you into Dungeoneering so therefore you don't lose it. Good luck! Answer: However, you can have items you pick up or create within the dungeons. Those items, you don't lose when you die.

Can you die in the fight pits on runescape?

You CAN die, but you won't lose any items. The only possible way to die and lose your items is by dying in the game lobby.

Do you lose all of your items if you die during clan wars in Runescape?

No. But if you go into the lose all your items portal than yes.

What if you die during the runescape quest another slice of HAM?

you will lose everything it happened to me but its true